Monday, 9 May 2016

Hypnosis for Integration of Positive Changes

Some of my integrated imagery clients have experienced both present life memories that they had consciously forgotten as well as scenes that included both present life memories and odd elements that were not part of present life. In one case a memory of skating with a brother that was not a present life brother morphed into a present life memory of skating in his childhood backyard with his present life brother. For another client, a familiar place (a trail in the woods) had a large rock that is not part of the real trail today and that my client wanted to climb feeling great accomplishment to do so.

Both of these cases illustrate the significance of using hypnosis to let clients go "where the subconscious leads". In each case, the clients were fascinated by the familiar setting having some alternative twist associated with it. In debriefing after the sessions, both of these seemingly mundane incidents interested the clients greatly because of the potential for there to be some meaning or message from the subconscious involved. I suggested that they reflect upon the potential meaning or relevance of what they saw and experienced.

These cases also afforded me the opportunity to offer post hypnotic suggestions for re-scripting scenarios related to the subjects' concerns. One was to imagine a mental thermostat to help control feeling cold and anxiety about the cold; the other was an imaginary coin that could help decrease annoyance and negativity to allow greater enjoyment and excitement in life. In both cases, my guiding of the re-framing/re-scripting scenarios allowed the clients to practice using the techniques within the trance state, enhancing their own willingness to use the techniques out of trance, in their everyday lives.

One of these clients warned me that he had been a subject for hypnosis before and that it had never worked. I believe that with a good rapport between hypnotherapist and client, that resistance can be managed down and the client can enter the hypnotic trance state while remaining in control and comfortable at all times. Many of my clients have complimented my tone, the way that I guide and the effectiveness of what we have accomplished, but it is really the client who does the work of resetting their own neural pathways and changing their old habits. It may take several hypnotherapy sessions to successfully strengthen a suggestion to make it truly useful, and a combination of the techniques of integrated imagery regression hypnosis, with transpersonal and more general hypnotherapy can be customized to meet each client’s particular needs at the time of the session. This is the value that I imagined being able to bring via both integrated imagery/regression and using it as part of a broader hypnosis practice. It is very rewarding to be able to provide some useful help to people rather than just exploring forgotten memories "for fun".

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