Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Power of Personal Experience

I recently attended a wellness fair sponsored by the local community health center. Many people approached my display about hypnotherapy, integrated imagery and advanced handwriting analysis and asked questions. Many asked about my credentials and experience. It occurred to me that aside from my training and practical experience, the fact that I too have undergone general hypnosis and regression hypnosis sessions is an advantage in working with clients.

I completed a graduate certificate in Integrated Imagery Regression Hypnosis at Atlantic University in Virginia. The three levels of integrated imagery classes, residencies and volunteer sessions provided me tremendous personal experience with hypnotic induction, deepening and using various techniques in addition to the specific regression techniques being taught. In general, those residential practicums helped build my confidence in hypnotherapy as well as in regression work. The hours spent in residency and practice sessions also provided many of the required clinical hours to complete my external certification as a hypnotherapist by the Hypnotherapists’ Union.

The third level regression course, which focused on spiritual regression in particular, inspired me to seek additional training and qualification in more general therapeutic work. I can personally attest that accessing the superconscious and higher wisdom to resolve issues and help clarify perspective can be dramatic. Additional training and resources such as the Simpson Protocol for superconscious access, the Heartmath Institute’s work on Coherence, and the Transpersonal Hypnosis Institute’s training program have all been very motivating and personally as well as professionally relevant.

My personal experiences as a client undergoing regression hypnosis at many of my training courses raised my self-awareness and have allowed me to better empathize with the experiences of my clients. Resolving issues from my own past was powerful and effective in raising my confidence in the efficacy of this work. Reaching my own higher state and learning on both the physical and nonphysical levels has been a wonderful growth experience.

Finally, being able to study and practice both in person and online has been great. The mentors, instructors, teaching assistants, and classmates that I have learned alongside, guided and been guided by have made my professional growth a shared experience. Contact me to see how we can work together and draw on both of our experiences to help you learn, grow and reach your own potential!


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